February 5th, 2022

German DRX championship finalizes dates

The German Rallycross championship now released the final schedule for the 2022 season.

Photo: DRX / DMSB (Buxtehude Testday 2021)

There is one last change in the DRX calendar for the German Rallcross Championship in 2022: The already scheduled last two events on the Estering in Buxtehude will be pushed back by two weeks.

The new dates for the final weekend of DRX 2022 are now October 15th for the eighth round of the German Rallycross Championship and October 16th for the final ninth round of DRX 2022.

DRX Calendar 2022

DRX Round 1 2022 (May 7th 2022)
Estering (Buxtehude)

DRX Round 2 2022 (June 4th 2022)
Gründautalring (Gründau)

DRX Round 3 2022 (June 5th 2022)
Gründautalring (Gründau)

DRX Round 4 2022 (July 9th 2022)
Glosso Circuit (Arendonk)

DRX Round 5 2022 (August 13th 2022)
Eurocircuit (Valkenswaard)

DRX Round 6 2022 (September 17th 2022)
Ewald-Pauli-Ring (Schlüchtern)

DRX Round 7 2022 (September 18th 2022)
Ewald-Pauli-Ring (Schlüchtern)

DRX Round 8 2022 (October 15th 2022)
Estering (Buxtehude)

DRX Round 9 2022 (October 16th 2022)
Estering (Buxtehude)

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