July 4th, 2022

Solberg loses victory in Sweden

Oliver Solberg was disqualified after the technical inspection of his Hyundai.

Photo: @World / Red Bull Content Pool

What happened? After the Swede celebrated his Euro RX1 victory in Höljes at the “Magic Weekend”, the bad news came after the technical scrutineering.

During scrutineering, it turned out that the underbody of Solberg’s car was too heavy. There is a limit of 40 kilos for the underbody – this rule is intended to prevent teams from artificially adjusting the cars’ center of gravity. Solberg’s car had an underbody weighing 43.8 kilos.

Due to the 3.8 kilogram overweight, the Swede was subsequently disqualified and his compatriot Anton Marklund was retroactively declared the winner. Frenchman Jean Baptiste Dubourg moved up to second place and Norwegian Andreas Bakkerud was retroactively named third.

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